Temperature Monitoring – Pellets

GrainWatch™ temperature monitoring helps prevent fires and guards the quality of pellets and other dry energy raw materials.

A  great deal of today’s fuel for fired heating systems come in the form of wooden pellets, shavings, chips or coal. Due to the combination of wooden fibres, volatile organic compounds, pressure and seasonal heat the commodity may self-combust which makes the storage phase hazardous.

GrainWatch™ probes placed inside the silo or warehouse will register any “hot spot” and alert the supervisor to take necessary action. The system is based on our patented sensor cables hung from the roof of the silo or warehouse. Combined with our switch-hub technology, these cables form a network that is very easy to monitor locally or remotely 24-7.

A further advantage is that the software can be used to calculate the total volume of commodity in storage. Practical in sales and inventory.

The Cables

Grain-Watch™ temperature cables (patent SE536675) are made from durable steel conduit cable with internal sensors every 2 or 3 meters (custom intervals available). They come in two different diameters – GWSL 1100 or 2100 –  depending on the height of the storage facility and how much pressure the cable must sustain.

As an alternative, temperature monitoring may be conducted with our temperature spear GWTL-R. Regardless of type – cables or spears – internal sensors are calibrated for life, no further calibration or maintenance is needed – ever.

The equipment is both ISO-and ATEX/IECEx-certified to ensure electrical safety and quality in the special danger zone that a dry biomass silo constitutes (Intrinsic Safety).


Temperature data is either visualized on a local PC or more freely on a smartphone or tablet using our mobile app GrainWatch Plus. The app also allows additional surveillence systems like cameras. However, the latter is not included in our product range.

For smaller storage facilities we also provide a simplified set-up with our easy-to-use hand reader GW-200

System Advantages

  • Fully digital system with 1-wire digital sensor technology
  • Custom fit for any storage facility
  • Modular system – easily expandable
  • Calibration-free. For life.
  • Temperature cables in two gauges, 9.8 or 17.0 mm
  • 2- and 3-core cable connections between components
  • Stabile RS-485 bus PC/PLC
  • ATEX- and IECEx-certified. ISO-certified manufacturing.
  • Readout on PC, Mobile App, hand reader or plainly Modbus RTU
  • Versatile. Use it for pellets, wooden chips and shavings, granulated coal etc.

To ensure production quality and maximum safety for our clients, GrainWatch™ products and processes are certified according to ISO, ATEX, IECEx and GOST-R.



GrainWatch temperature monitoring for pellets guards the quality.

GrainWatch™ patented temperature monitoring system for pellets and other dry energy raw materials prevents fires and guards the quality.