Made in Sweden – An International Quality Concept

Sweden is considered to be one of the most technologically innovative countries in the world. A fact that hardly surprises any of our inhabitants. In a country with grim climate and significant seasonal variations, ingenuity and a pragmatic approach have been essential parts of the Swedish people’s chances of survival. Probably since well before the Vikings.

300 Years of Modern Swedish Engineering

Both inventions and methods have been multiplied and refined over the centuries. Modern Swedish engineering science extends all the way back to the 1700s and the Swedish inventor Christopher Polhem. In 1697 he founded Laboratorium Mechanicum, later to be known as KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Still today one of the world’s foremost institutes for technical research and education of high-level engineers.

Swedish Engineers Behind International Bestsellers

Since Polhem’s time, Swedish engineers have developed a large number of the world’s most significant inventions of all time.  Early examples are the padlock, drive shaft linkage and temperature scale ’Celsius’ plus early concepts for factory automation. Later came the dynamite, safety match, dry milk, light concrete and the zipper. Not to mention the car safety belt, today standard throughout the automotive industry.

In recent decades, the World community has benefited from Swedish inventions such as the computer colour screen, the GPS system, Skype call and streaming services like Spotify.

These and many other break-throughs have been paired with an unbroken processing of natural resources such as wood and iron ore. This also put Sweden on the world map for strong sustainable end products with undisputed functionality.

GrainWatch is Made in Sweden

At GrainWatch™ we do not take credit for these groundbreaking inventions or  production methods, but we do undoubtedly operate in the same Swedish tradition. We combine solid analysis and creative thinking with materials and craftsmanship that year after year have served international producers of cereals and energy raw materials.

Our patented sensor technology (SE 536 675 and SE 529 584) has since two decades contributed both to protecting harvests and actively eliminating wastage. In our minds, necessary concepts in a world with declining arable land and an ever-growing population.

All our products are developed in Sweden and final assembly and testing are still carried out within our country’s borders. “Made in Sweden” is a quality concept all over the world and we intend to continue to make our contribution to this common renown.

The GrainWatch™ Team.

18th century portrait of Swedish inventor Christopher Polhem

Christopher Polhem (1661 – 1751)

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