Dryer Control Unit – HCS GDC-D1

HCS GDC-D1 is a Humidity Regulator / Control Unit, for drying apparatus used for grain. This Humidity regulator will select feed-out speed from your grain dryer depending on input from humidity sensors and your own settings on the panel. The more you need to dry your grain, the longer time will elapse between outputs. A continues reading from the Humidity Sensors is displayed on the analogue instrument on the panel of the HCS. It is possible to have this printed on a continuous line recording instrument. Settings are made by switches and the LCD display.

This Control Unit has two modes: Manual and Auto. When in Manual mode the Humidity Sensors are not engaged, but the output speed is set by activating the switch at + / – ( 1 – 100 %) on the panel. When in Auto mode, the signal from the Humidity Sensors are used as well as your settings in manual mode to determine output speed. In case the water content in the grain changes, the out-put speed will change as well. HCS has an alarm output, this will be activated in case of the system not being able to lower the water content in the grain to the desired level. This could be caused by a fault in the dryer.

On customers’ request, the HCS can be equipped for  so called “Volumetric output” meaning that the signal for output will be split up in up to 9 pulses.


Type name: HCS D1
Power supply: 24 V DC, Adapter for 230 Volt is provided.
Relay: 230VAC/3A, 30VDC / 3A.
Dimensions: 96 * 144 * 200 mm.
Depth behind panel: 155 mm.
Mounting hole: 92 * 138 mm.
Weight: 0,8 kg.