Telemetry Node RS-130

The RS130 is an advanced cellular telemetry node combining data logging with cellular telemetry in an integrated package also including outdoors enclosure, solar panel and battery. The unit is focused on ease-of-use with built-in LCD display and remote control for in-field configuration and data read-out in addition to the real-time cloud server connection.

The RS130 comes in 3 models of cellular radio allowing complete global footprint. It has dual analog/digital input port, an SDI-12 serial ports and 4MB of data memory. The H and G models include on-board GPS receiver, while the V model offer GPS fix via the Verizon network…


Cellular Models
Options H-model: GSM/3G/HSPA/Telstra
G-model: GSM/2G/GPRS
V-model: CDMA/Verizon (shipping late 2016)
Antenna type Built-in omni-directional
Approvals FCC, ETSI, C-TICK
GPS (H and G models only)
Type GPS L1 with AGPS from cellular modem
Antenna Built-in
Sensing and Logging Capabilities
Sample rate Programmable 60 secs to 18 hours
Excitation voltage 5V and 12V
Excitation time Programmable 10ms to 2.5 secs
Memory 4MB flash drive (up to 1 year of backup)
Port Capabilities
Port 1 SDI-12 for soil probes and other SDI-12 compatible sensors
Port 2 Dual analog/digital/counter inputs or I2C interface (RX30)
SwitchCraft/Conxall Micro-Con 6pin female
USB port For charging and RanchMgr communication
User Interface
LCD 7 character + network and battery status
Remote Control 21 keys with included battery
Data Push from RS130 to Ranch Systems Cloud Software every 15 minutes. Optionally shorter intervals.
Firmware Upgradable over-the-air
Configuration Via LCD/remote, USB cable and RanchSystems RanchMgr software, or via remote access terminal
Solar panel 1.5W cylindrical built-in
Solar Charger MPPT type automatic
Internal battery 2 x 3.7V NiMH, 2.4 AH (included)
Total of 4.8 AH
Typical run time without sunlight 1 month
Base Solid aluminum, powder-coated