PC Software

The GrainWatch™ PC Software is the heart of our temperature monitoring system. It checks the temperature of stored commodity 24-7 with realtime data from temperature cables and spears. As a bonus it also indicates the level of the commodity stored in the bin.

The view panel adapts to the facility’s specifications and is colour coded for quick overview. Three different password levels help prevent security breaches.

To secure continuity, the software has a history function which shows stored temperature data as graphs.

Languages are English, German, Finnish and Swedish, Russian, Polish, Romanian and Arabic.

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Plane View shows the silo plant and its temperature cables from above.

Plane View

Plane View shows silos and cables from above and in a customized format for each project. Temperature fields are colour coded for quicker overview.

Matrix View

Matrix View is, in short, all temperature cables as tables. The supervisor chooses between max-min temperature per cable, or a detailed view of every sensor.

Alarms are configured for a single silo or group.


Alarms are configured for each silo or group. Individual alarms correspond with a relay output for external notification, but also with the automatic fan aeration system. For more information, see our Outdoor Sensor and Fan Relay Unit.

The history function stores temperature data and shows it as graphs.

Temperature Graphs

The history function stores data from temperature cables and spears and shows it as graphs. As a convenience, these are printable, e.g. for book keeping or sales references.

The PC software offers a basic fill level indication for each silo.

Level Indication

The PC software offers a basic fill level indication for each silo. However, note that it is less sophisticated than regular fill level monitoring, i.e. our capacitive level indicators – Full and Empty.