HCS Grain Drying Control

Grain Drying Control GrainWatch™ HCS  is a helpful tool for continuous flow dryers to fine-tune drying cycles and enhance output quality. It was first introduced in 1980 and has since then been upgraded many times to match the digital standards of today.

GrainWatch™ HCS Grain Drying Control can be installed in nearly every continuous flow grain dryer from small farm size to large industrial. The system consists of Sensor HCS 4/3, Signal Amplifier HCS 200, and Control Unit HCS GDC D1.

HCS are helpful tools to fine-tune grain drying cycles and enhance output quality.

The HCS Grain Humidity Sensors

Sensor placement is crucial to achieve optimal drying results. The HCS sensors must be mounted at the bottom of the drying zone and are fixed by hand, no tools necessary. However, multiple sensors may be needed if the size of the dryer exceeds certain measures.

The HCS Signal Amplifier

Process data are passed on to the Control Unit via the Signal Amplifier. Each HCS Signal Amplifier has a 4-20 mA output, which can be integrated into existing PLC:s.

The HCS Grain Drying Control Unit

At the end of the chain, the HCS Control Unit is used to regulate the drying cycles. Once the optimal feed-out intervals and speed are found, the Control Unit can be set to auto-mode to dry the remaining batch at the same setting.

HCS Control Units are available for volumetric extraction, shaker extraction and conveyor extraction.


Traditional Swedish Cereals

  Facts courtesy of Lantmännen, Sweden.

About Grain Drying

Grain drying is a vital farming process. Cereals are dried before storage to inhibit microbial and pest growth. There is a number of different techniques and equipment which apply depending on grain volume and moisture content.

Continuous Flow Dryers are the most popular. These are used pre-storage and categorised by the direction of the air stream. Recognized categories are Cross-Flow (e.g. screen dryers), Mixed-Flow (e.g. rack dryers) and Concurrent-Flow /counter-flow (e.g. tower/column dryers).

An alternative drying method is in-storage drying or aeration drying, where the grain is dried while stored. A popular term for this is “bin-drying”.

The GrainWatch HCS system, however, is only intended for continous flow dryers (tower/column).

GrainWatch HCS Grain Drying Control is a helpful tool for continuous flow dryers to fine-tune drying cycles and enhance output quality.