Temperature Monitoring Products

This is a complete representation of the GrainWatch™ products. What we have developed and are currently selling in most international markets. This applies to both our temperature monitoring and drying control systems

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GrainWatch™ temperature monitoring is the most effective method to ensure that optimal conditions for commodity stored in silos or plain storage remain.

Temperature monitoring products from GrainWatch™ guard commodity in silos or plain storage. Our temperature monitoring system may be used for traditional dry cereals as well as energy raw materials like biomass pellets, e.g. of wood.

Drying Control Products

GrainWatch™ HCS Grain Drying Control are helpful products for continuous flow dryers to fine-tune drying cycles and enhance output quality.

HCS Grain Drying Control products are helpful tools for continuous flow dryers. HCS fine-tunes drying cycles and enhances output quality. Because of its flexibility, HCS can be installed in nearly every continuous flow grain dryer. From small farm size to large industrial.

Since 2017 the NoStatic™ product range is sold under its own brand. See separate website for reference.