Our Incentive – Precision Farming

Society is today driven by a few macro trends where digitalisation has the greatest impact. Digital technology already permeates our entire human life and affects both individuals and society. In a relatively short time the Internet has gone from being an important infrastructure to becoming the infrastructure of any other infrastructure.

Hence digital technology automatically becomes the answer to many of the societal challenges we face. Digital innovations shall give us easier everyday life, equip our children for the future. Or control our production and make us abandon harmful behaviours such as fossil dependence and overuse of Earth’s resources.

GrainWatch™ is Precision Farming

The agricultural analogy of these new developments is Precision Farming. At GrainWatch™ we are well equipped for this paradigm shift. For more than a decade, our patented digital temperature monitoring system has helped protecting the world’s harvests from pests and moulds. We dare to claim that both GrainWatch™ and Liros™ qualify among the most important brands in temperature monitoring and drying control.

The Next Step

But in a digital world there is always a next step. In our case, it is about digitising more of the agricultural processes and presenting them in a mobile format. We have already ensured that our equipment can be adapted to any region, any locality or climate. Now, with mobile technology, we provide maximum control and flexibility for the producer despite different production facilities sometimes located miles apart.

Aggregated Data for Many More Stakeholders

Such refined data can now be passed on to natural stakeholders such as purchasers and their trading sites, suppliers, advisors and logistics companies. But also governments, professional associations and other authorities. In short, anyone who requests or even claims information may be linked to this agricultural Internet of things.

Keep Track of Our Upgrades

It is a big step in itself, but we will definitely not settle with that. Many more ag-processes and products will gradually be upgraded as we roll out our new programme.

We are Connecting the Dots for Future Farming.

Follow these developments on our website. Keep in touch via phone or email. Come by to say hello. We promise to keep you updated on everything that happens within the GrainWatch™ realm.

The GrainWatch™ Team

With GrainWatch™ Plus, farmers will be able to monitor grain temperature from their storage facilities, regardless of their actual position. This new generation of GrainWatch™ products is our contribution to Precision Farming. Let’s connect the dots for future farming.

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