State of the art platform AI–optimized
process flow

Liros’ platform is used to protect traditional dry cereals from grain respiration, moisture, insect infestation, mold or fungus.

This is AI-based surveillance

In a new revolutionized way, through AI, the platform alerts even before the incident has happened.

After the data has been captured from the temperature lines in the storage compartment it will be analyzed together with historic data. The system thereafter make its own decision on what action is needed, even before an incident has occurred.

The platform then sends alerts regarding the changes directly to the operators and present the alarms in the most efficient way to ensure that optimal conditions for cereals stored in silos or warehouses remain.

The measuring process and data capture starts with our patented temperature line hung from the silo roof. Combined with our switch-hub technology, these cables form a network with a single point of access (non-cable radio network will be released Q4 2020). The output data then is visualized on the web or in a mobile.

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Our platform is the world’s most unique and developed in the world. With data based on more than 20 years of monitoring grain in storage we have a huge advantage to provide the best system on the market.


Since 2004 Liros’ Templine has been one of the most proven products on the market.
With years of development and continuous ongoing improvements, Liros’ Templine still remains as the best buy on the market.

Grain Dryer Control

Our Grain Dryer is optimized for a ruff environment. Each setup is tailored based on every special need. The Grain Dryer operates smoothly with no hassle and is connected to our platform.

The future needs AI-based
grain storage protection