Since 2004 we have been one of
The pioneers within the industry

Towards a better world

Never before has agriculture had to meet the needs of so many people from such a small area of land. Add to that structural changes and a warmer climate, and we are seeing greater demands for new technology for low-carbon grain storage to increase production volumes. The world’s future depends on innovative solutions to reduce waste, and we are proud to contribute and provide tools for producers to become more efficient and choose a better world.
Temperature monitoring may also be conducted with our temperature spear GWTL-R for plain storage facilities. Regardless of type – cables or spears – internal sensors are calibrated for life; no further calibration or maintenance is needed – ever.

World-leading solutions

Liros protects the global environment with the help of advanced hardware and AI-based software. Our product uses vast quantities of data and algorithms that create world-leading solutions for temperature monitoring control of silos and ground-level storage facilities.

The future needs AI-based
grain storage protection

Liros is an Agro Food Tech Company founded in Sweden 1955. Since 2004 we have been one of the pioneers within the grain storage industry and now, with our AI-based platform, we continue to keep our leading position. Welcome to join our world!
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AI-based platform

Our platform is the world’s most unique and developed in the world. With data based on more than 20 years of monitoring grain in storage we have a huge advantage to provide the best system on the market.


Since 2004 Liros’ Templine has been one of the most proven products on the market.
With years of development and continuous ongoing improvements, Liros’ Templine still remains as the best buy on the market.

Grain Dryer

Our Grain Dryer is optimized for a ruff environment. Each setup is tailored based on every special need. The Grain Dryer operates smoothly with no hassle and is connected to our platform.

The future needs AI-based
grain storage protection