About Liros

Liros Electronics was formed 1955 as Lindeberg & Ros AB. In 1963 the name was drawn together to the simpler Liros. Since then, the company has delivered patented electronics solutions to customers all over the world.

Already 50 years ago our antistatic systems was presented and 1980 was sold the first grain drying control for cereal production. It is, although modernized, still a part of our GrainWatch™ product range.

Liros Consists of Two Business Areas

Liros GrainWatch är digitala system för torkning och temperaturövervakning av spannmål



Apart from our grain drying control, GrainWatch™ today also delivers patented digital temperature monitoring systems for silos and plain storage (patent SE 536675 och SE 529584). In total, we have for over four decades helped to dry and protect the world’s harvests and reduced wastage caused by moisture, pests and mould.

To read the temperature data, we can now offer a mobile app for smartphone and tablet as a complement to PC and hand readers.

In addition to cereals, GrainWatch is excellent to use to prevent fire in wood pellets and other energy raw materials stored in silos or warehouses.

The equipment is both ISO- and ATEX/IECEx certified to ensure electrical safety and quality in the special danger zone that a silo poses. We dare to claim that GrainWatch™ qualifies among the most important brands of temperature monitoring and drying control of cereals.

ISO- ATEX- och IECEX-Certifikat för GrainWatch-produkter.

Liros NoStatic tillverkar antistatsystem för att säkra störningsfri produktion i tillverkande industri.



Static electricity is a major problem in many industrial sectors by lowering production quality and compromising the safety of staff. Liros took the lead role early to meet the challenges. Already in the year 1963 we delivered our first anti-static system that secures interference-free production in the manufacturing industry..

We develop our antistatic products and today we have a well-defined range with several innovations, such as our Long Range system, which is certified according to GS-TÜV.

A good rating on our systems is that we have maintained and developed the role of supplier for several international industrial companies with machine parks in Europe and Asia. Free of charge!

ISO- och GS-TÜV-Certifikat för NoStatic-produkter.

Liros Electronics was formed 1955 as Lindeberg & Ros AB.

From development work in the early days of electronics…

Liros Electronics' digital systems for temperature monitoring of cereals - GrainWatch.

… to patented cereal monitoring systems…

Liros Electronics NoStatic handles static electricity in manufacturing industry.

… and technology for handling static electricity in the manufacturing industry.